I grew up in the United States and most recently spent 4 1/2 years in South America. We recently picked up roots and are resettling in Asia – Shanghai, China to be more precise. This blog includes reflections after nearly 5 years of living and traveling in various foreign lands.

My goal with this blog is to recount the bizarre, funny and even mundane aspects of living abroad. I am a “trailing spouse” as they say in the expat world – the person who tags along when their spouse is transferred to a foreign country. We also have two “trailing children” and “trailing pets” which makes this journey even more interesting. My stories may not be unique to those who are in the same situation; some may not even be different from those who choose to stay closer to their birthplace. This is simply a way for me to express myself and capture the wonderful and not-so-wonderful things about “Living in a Foreign Land”!

I hope you enjoy it….


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